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Everything There is to Know About Mudjacking

May 11, 2019

If you are repairing  or renovating your home then mudjacking should be on your list. Mudjacking raises your slabs to a desired level and your slab retains its aesthetic appeal. The process is simple and does not create a mess.

The most important thing is that it produces a minimum amount of wastage, and is environmentally friendly, so if any waste is produced it will not harm the surroundings or the environment as it will be free from any toxins.

A slurry is used to pump up the slabs, however, the slurry constitutes of cement which can end up clogging the sewerage lines which is why it is very important that the process is carried out carefully. You should always take help from professionals when it comes to mudjacking as even the smallest mistake can cause a lot of damage. You can ask St Louis mudjacking to help you out with the process.

If you are worried about the expenses then put your fears to rest as this process is not costly at all, if you choose the option of slab replacement then keep in mind that it will cost you twice as much and the results will not be as good. Also with slab replacement there is always the risk of tripping.

However there are some cases in which the option of mudjacking is not feasible so make sure that you tell all the details to your contractor beforehand. There is always the option of using foam in the slurry although that increases the cost of the process as the foam is made from polyurethane which is expensive. The foam releases bubbles which lift up the slab and produces a better lifting of the slab due to the application of pressure.