23 Best Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Shopping for someone who has it all is one of life’s great conundrums; what do you get a Kendall Roy, or any other person aspiring to reach their level? They have the means and know-how to acquire anything they desire – from stately trinkets to entire companies. Is your gift token enough in comparison? It might be asking too much, but try taking a few minutes out of your day to understand them better – that kind gesture could prove more valuable than either money or commodities! Shopping for the man who already has everything is quite a challenge. He wants nothing and needs even less, so traditional gifts are off limits – no more socks or AirPods! But that doesn’t mean he’s unfillable; all you need to do is find ways to surprise him with something totally unexpected yet perfectly suited just for him. That might be what it takes to impress someone as accomplished at accumulating wealth and belongings as The Man Who Has It All.

Purifier Cool Formaldehyde TP09

Dyson’s air purifier helps keep his breathing easy, automatically removing 99.99 percent of all allergens and pollutants as tiny as 0.3 microns! Protecting him from the stuffiness they can cause so that he can breathe in “everything”.

Oura Ring Gen3

Keep your wellness top-of-mind with this stylish and sophisticated high tech accessory! This feature packed ring from Esquire’s favorites will not only track all of your health data, but conveniently wirelessly transmit it to any compatible device.

Colorful Ankle Socks

Surprise the special person in your life this holiday season with a unique and fashionable gift – colorful ankle socks! Available in a variety of sizes and colors, you can find something to match any outfit. Show that you care by keeping them warm and cozy on those cold winter days. From solid colors to bold patterns, these stylish ankle socks will be sure to make them smile!

Tabletop Fire Bowl

Cold nights can be an adventure if you dare to light a personal bonfire. This flame will provide the perfect atmosphere for some cozy relaxation and even, with proper care, double as a cooktop! Whatever your preference may be – there’s no questioning that this option is truly unbeatable when it comes to adding warmth and style on those chilly evenings.

Slim Zero Attachable Bidet

Being neat and tidy not only leads to a heavenly life, but it can also help you live out your wildest fantasies!

32-Inch Infinity Game Table

Life just got a lot more fun with this digital display, transforming any living room into an interactive board game haven! Get your family or friends together for the ultimate gaming experience.

Trova Go Biometric Stash Case

A mysterious box, the perfect size for an iPhone, guarded by biometric security. What secrets could be hidden inside? Are they monetary assets or clandestine items used by a secret agent spy? Could it hold something even more valuable – like weed!?

Monthly Beer Subscription

Does your man possess a distinguished palate? Does he have an appreciation for the unique and flavorful craft beers from all around America? Is he worthy of joining this elite club, exclusive to those with a true taste for microbreweries across our nation?

American Wagyu Beef

Enjoy a tantalizing taste of the American dream with steak cuts that are hand-selected for their exceptional quality, delivered conveniently to your home. Excite your palate and indulge in luxurious flavors – there’s no way you’ll refuse!

Acupressure Mat Set

He could experience the therapeutic and calming benefits of acupuncture without having to go anywhere or suffer through tiny pricks—all from the comfort of his own home!

B2 Balls & Body Trimmer

With this Esquire Grooming Awards winner, he won’t miss any of those pesky hairs in the hard-to-reach areas – it offers complete coverage with two convenient heads that make trimming a breeze. No need to worry about losing even one strand!

Car Lighter

The guy with all the trimmings doesn’t have this elegant, emerald marble lighter. Handcrafted and designed to stand out, it has a beautiful old-world charm that will add style whenever its owner needs fire – whether they’re burning incense or something else entirely!

Ace Sweatpant

With his wardrobe overflowing with sweats and slacks, he’s still missing the perfect piece! He needs a pair of Ace pants to complete the look – these trend-setting trousers have been favored by Esquire for their exceptional blend between style and comfort. Investing in them will ensure that no stay at home day feels too boring ever again!

The Original Curiosity Edition Card Game

Show your loved ones you care with a truly unique present – the gift of deep reflection. These special cards provide thought-provoking prompts that encourage introspection, such as “What do you believe in and why?” or “How can you best use your talents to make an impact on the world?”. Give them something more meaningful than material items this holiday season!

Harvest Indoor Garden

For the aspiring green thumb who loves to cook, an AeroGarden will be a delight. With it, he can grow his favorite herbs on their countertop – no matter what time of year! Now they’ll have access to fresh ingredients even in the coldest months of winter.

Frames Audio Sunglasses

He may have the latest in tech accessories, but does he own the revolutionary audio sunglasses that can transform into headphones with convenient speakers? Most likely not – they must still be beyond his reach.

NOMAD Grill & Smoker

This Esquire Home Design Award-winning grill is the ultimate portable accessory for any man ready to take their BBQ skills on an adventure. With a hard exterior, just like a briefcase, and top of the line charcoal technology approved by professional pit masters, this must-have item makes dinnertime fun no matter where you roam!

The Mirror

Mirror allows you to bring dynamic workouts and immersive studio vibes right into your own home. Forget crowded gyms – Mirror is a revolutionary way for everyone to stay fit without ever leaving their living room!

Spirit Annual Membership

Give them the gift of an endless supply of delicious drinks! Why not sign up for a spirits club like Flaviar, with amazing whiskeys, tequilas, gins and rums from all over the world? Keep their bar stocked without ever leaving home.

FirstLight 114mm Newtonian Telescope with EQ3 Mount

He’d yet to experience the ultimate euphoria of unbridled exploration – that feeling only available when losing oneself amidst distant galaxies and unknown planets. A Newtonian telescope could be just the ticket for this man who’s already encountered life’s greatest joys, giving him a chance to soar through space right from his own backyard.

The Sassenach Blended Scotch Whisky

For the gentleman who has experienced a life of luxury, there is still one grand adventure he can take – a journey to explore the night sky with his very own Newtonian telescope. Discover galaxies far away and marvel at how small we truly are compared to the universe’s wonders!

Fergal the Frog Butler

He may not have Fergal the Frog, but there’s no mistaking his air of royalty – something about him is undeniably dignified!


If he’s looking for something new and exciting, give him the adventure of a lifetime without leaving his living room! Transport him to breathtaking places with this award-winning gadget – imagine feeling sun on your face while at the beach, exploring underwater wonders in an ocean deep dive or rocking out safely from any virtual concert.

NFL Little Playmate Coolers

Incredible news for sports fans! Igloo and the NFL have joined forces to create an ideal companion for tailgates, backyard barbecues, or any gathering where cheering on your favorite team is top priority. With a special seven-quart cooler—and even matching tumbler—for each of the 32 teams in action, you can conveniently store enough brews to last through all four quarters of nerve-wracking play.

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