15 Gifts You Should Buy Now To Get Ahead Of Your Holiday Shopping

Although it’s only autumn, I’m already dreaming of the gift-giving holidays! Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner—and if you’re not prepared with presents in time, your options may be limited. Don’t let a lack of planning leave you scrambling for something less than perfect at an inflated price–get ahead now so that you can give amazing gifts without worry or stress!

Get ready – shopping season is arriving early! Beat the rush and check out these 20 must-have items to make your holiday gift giving a breeze. As an experienced bargain hunter, I’ve found some amazing products that are sure to be on everyone’s wishlist this year—all at unbeatable prices with stock levels you can count on. Who said saving time AND money needed stress? Shop now for a carefree (and wallet friendly!) festive period ahead!

A weighted blanket for extra cozy nights

Weighted blankets are quickly becoming the must-have item of the season, and Gravity Blanket just might be your perfect match! Imagine wrapping yourself up in a comforting hug that doesn’t end – it’s exactly how you’ll feel when snuggling with this cozy blanket. Whether seeking refuge from winter chills or looking for an ultimate relaxation experience, making someone special their own Gravity Blanket is sure to warm their hearts as they relax with a hot cup of tea.

Cute Pajama Sets

Give the gift of comfort and cuteness this season with a pair of cute pajama sets. From festive holiday prints to charmingly sweet motifs, you’re sure to find something that your special someone will love. With cozy fabrics and comfortable cuts, she can lounge around in style or sleep in blissful relaxation. Cute pajama sets are a great way to show your appreciation while giving her something she can use and enjoy long into the future.

The coveted Instant Pot

Look no further than the Instant Pot for your holiday shopping list – it’s become a legendary presence in modern kitchens! Versatility and convenience reign supreme with this electric multi-cooker, not to mention its pressure cooking setting. Plus, you can now purchase their new Duo Nova model at an amazing discount of $30 if you act soon before they’re phased out completely. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to take home one of these incredible kitchen must-haves!

An air fryer for the hottest cooking trend

Does your friend or family member have a serious affinity for kitchen gadgets? Make their fried food dreams come alive without sacrificing health by getting them the Philips Airfryer XXL—the best air fryer we’ve ever tested! They can now make delicious and healthier snacks in larger portions, plus it’s currently $100 off so there couldn’t be a better time to grab one.

These AirPods for an elite headphone experience

AirPods have become almost ubiquitous – no matter where you go, chances are someone is sporting a pair. Not only do they look great but they back it up with amazing performance; in fact, our tests revealed them to be the best true wireless headphones around! Whoever you’re thinking of gifting this holiday season would love Airpods – and right now there’s an opportunity to save $15 on these must-haves.

A relaxing essential oil diffuser

Shopping for the Holidays can be a hassle—but you can help bring some calm and balance to your loved ones with an essential oil diffuser. InnoGear’s is one of our favorites, capable of running comforting scents like lavender or eucalyptus for 11 hours at once – all on sale right now for less than $14! Don’t miss out on this chance to spread soothing fragrances throughout the season.

A DNA kit to explore heritage

Give the gift of discovery this year with a DNA testing kit! AncestryDNA is the most widely used, giving your recipient access to 10 million other users and potentially connecting them to distant family members. Plus, you don’t have to wait for Black Friday since these kits are on sale all-year round – snap one up while they’re hot so they can learn more about their heritage!

This smaller Echo with a screen

Looking for the perfect tech gift to show your appreciation? Check out Echo Show 5 – Amazon’s compact, budget-friendly smart assistant. With its small screen functionality you can keep up with news updates, set reminders and even make video calls! And now at $25 off it’s an unbeatable deal – great present and savings all in one!

A cult-favorite egg cooker

Looking to solve those breakfast woes? Look no further than the Dash egg cooker! It makes perfect eggs in minutes, with options like soft boiling, hard boiling, scrambling or poaching. Perfect for college students who want a delicious meal but don’t have time to cook–or anyone that loves eggs and hates cooking!

A smart scale to help reach health goals

Is someone in your life always striving for a healthier lifestyle? This smart scale is the perfect gift to help them reach their health goals. Not only does it measure weight, but also body fat percentage and BMI- plus bone mass and muscle mass! Everything will be sent straight to their phone too for easy tracking. Be ahead of the game this 2019 gifting season with one gadget that’s sure take over trend boards soon enough.

This Kindle for the bookworm in your life

For those whose love of books extends to the point where they can’t bear to leave them behind, a Kindle Paperwhite is an elite solution. It provides access to hundreds of titles in one convenient device – no more lugging around hefty volumes! Even better, savvy shoppers can take advantage of exceptional Sunday deals for this bookworm-approved gift idea and build up their loved ones’ reading collection affordably.

A robot vacuum to do their dirty work

Give the gift of time-saving convenience with the eufy RoboVac 11S! This affordable and slim robot vacuum is perfect for keeping your friend or loved one’s home spotless, without having to break the bank. It’s also thin enough to reach under furniture so every corner can be kept clean – now you don’t have worry about who has to take on dreaded task of floor cleaning ever again!

This cozy comforter

Upgrade your sleeping experience! Most of us have had the same college comforter for far too long, so why not treat yourself or a friend to something extra cozy? Buffy’s one-of-a-kind comforters are luxurious in every way: from its superior warmth and softness to its lack of unpleasant odors. And now you can get an even better deal – just use REVIEWED when checking out for up $15 off!

A streaming stick for the next binge-watching session

Ensure your giftee never misses a beat of their favorite show with the Roku Streaming Stick+. This incredible streaming device is sure to be popular this holiday season, giving them access to 4K and HDR quality movies – perfect for an ultimate binge watching experience. Act fast before supplies run out!

The best noise-canceling headphones

Looking for the ultimate gift to help a music-lover tune out of everything? The Sony WH-1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones may be just what you need. With its fancy feature that allows users to select their desired level of ambient sound, these top rated cans have earned themselves an enthusiastic group of loyal followers who swear by them.

An incredible smelling candle

Make your gift stand out with the Capri Blue Volcano candle – an exceptional home fragrance that will make anyone’s house feel like a tropical paradise! The delectable scent is reminiscent of an Anthropologie store, while its beautiful container makes it perfect for upcycling and repurposing as stylish decor once the wick has burned through.

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